September 6, 2010

45 days a counting..

My goal at this point is only 45 days until the STP 2010.

Girls ready to go
                           Renee and I had one more ride we signed up.
                                                                       Flying Wheels in Seattle 70 miles

  There were way more ppl at this ride, about 5 thousand riders.
This ride was more like the what STP would be. Riders that really know what they are doing and go really fast LOL... ya that's not me.
They like to ride in packs and draft off each other. I would be riding along and all of a sudden all these bikes go past me so fast it about knocked me off my bike. Not really.
I heard ALOT of  "on your left"
     Wonderful ride, the food stops were great. Almost any kind of food you would want to refuel and even sun screen. Only thing we didn't like was the drive home, so we had to stop at Red Robin for a beer and onion rings. YUM

The following day Pam and I did the
        Tenino -Lacey-Yelm trail. 70 miles.
           This was my mini STP… back to back 70 milers.
                  Yea I was a little slower the second day, and the hiney was sore.


                                                                                                                      Sleatter-Kenney Exit in Lacey


 At the golf course in Lacey

For all of the riding that I have done, NEVER had I had a flat tire or broken chain for any mechanical problems until this day.. The chain came off and thank god Pam had watched Paul get the chain back on and she saved us. One problem before it got fixed we both bent over to look at it and hit our helmets together, then started laughing and couldn’t stop.
We almost peed..

I love this part of the ride…

                             This is a great trail, you can get lots of mile in and no hills.