February 9, 2014

Bad back problems...

I blame Julie! 

My cousin's Julie & Emily are training for the Wentchee full marathon in April
 (the same one Pam and I did last year). 
Emily is on the other side of the mountains just like Pam is.
 Pam is there to support her on all her training. 
Julie is on this side with me, so I'm here to support her. 

I hadn't done much running since my marathon. 
I got really burnt out on running. 
When Pam and I were training we did I think it was 18 weeks in a row 
that we ran at least a half marathon or more just in our training. 
So we know how supportive it is to have someone to run with. 

I had gone with Julie before on one of her runs but I was on my bike for that one.
 On the 28th she talked me info running 5 miles. 
She was already up to 10 miles in her training. 

I felt really good during the run. After my body was sore 
and that was normal using muscles I haven't used in a while. 
My back was really sore, I didn't think much about it.
 I had also started a routine of using weights and doing squats and a lot of walking. 
Trying to tone up for my daughter's wedding in July.  

After a week and my back was getting worse I thought ok it's time to go to the doctor. 
She says my back is really messed up I have to go for x-rays, maybe a cat scan...
She  put me on steroids, muscle relaxers and pain killers... 
I had to take it EASY.. (Her words lol) she didn't 
want me sitting more then 20 mins at a time... 

My half marathon Feb 22 is out.. I will be at the start and finish 
cheering on the other runners..

I was on the steroids for 12 days. Those are wicked drugs, 
I felt like a zombie and felt really weird and more
 spacey then normal the whole time. 
It did finally start helping my back feel better by the last 
couple of days I was on them. 

My back X-rays came back normal.

 So I went to the doctor and she wants me to do some physical therapy so I can strengthen/condition my back so I don't get hurt again. 
She is afraid right now running and even biking a long time might injure it again. 
She can still feel some muscle tightness on my right side. 

I just kept thinking this better heal soon, I just signed up to do the 
Seattle to Portland bike ride again this year.

When I went to PT I got to see Holly again, 
I saw her when I was having problems with Tendonitis in my wrists.
She checked out my back and said I'm out of alignment.
For now she is having me do some exercises to strengthen 
my back and I can only do yoga and pilates. No running/jogging or even biking. 
Hopefully I can get back on my bike soon, 
I'm not worried about getting back to running it's the biking I'm worried about. 
I need to be strong enough for the STP 
(200 mile bike ride) in July.
For now I'm still on the mend. 
Hopefully I will get released to start training on the spin bike
 when I see Holly again for PT. 

In the mean time Julie's training also came to a STOP!  
She has a  stress fracture on her shin, it was confirmed on a bone scan. 
This is her buddy for the next 6 weeks. 

She will have to find another full marathon to train for after she is healed. By then hopefully we will both be healed and I can help her train. 

In the mean time she and I will have a fun time cheering all the 
other runners on for the Richland marathon on Feb. 22. 
Emily, Meghan, Pam & Wes are all running the half and Shannon is running the full. 
Good luck to all of them. Proud of you all. 
#nostressday  for Julie & I