February 10, 2014

Crashing at the Olsen house...

February 1, 2014:

OH this is really bad but I don't care. My cousin Julie does a blog also and she already did her blog about this night and the Super Bowl. So YES I'm cheating and just copying her blog,.
I would be saying the same things but she says it way better then I do. 
Check out all of her blog... She has an amazing story. 

Posted on February 1, 2014 by julieandjoelolsen
Aunt T and Uncle Denny Come to Party:
I love love love it when people want to do some sort of kid friendly activity that involves some sort of adult fun too, especially when they offer to come to our house and invade for the night. I love how much Aunt Teri and Uncle Denny truly enjoy spending time with the kids. They are always so helpful and fun. It helps that they don’t have any grandkids of their own. Although I look forward to their kids having kids I have a slight feeling us Olsens will get kicked to the curb :) hehe

We spent the whole day making fun treats for the Super Bowl inside while Denny and Joel played outside. Bennett loved playing with his bow and arrow and Denny helped with the chicken coop, thank god… 
What a fun day!
 After the kiddos went to bed and after a few
cocktails the baking may have slowly taken a turn…
here are some of the shenanigans…

I had company when I was getting ready.
Love it...

Thanks for a awesome night Julie.
Love you all!!