February 10, 2014


January 11, 2014:

January 12 was my mom's 70th birthday. 

My aunt Pam, Sami & I hopped a plane on the 11th and went to 
Arizona to surprise her the day before. 

I had already arranged with mom's good friend Pam Siemers 
to have a little party at her house. 
Pam S knew about it several months before, she told all of mom's friends 
about the party and everyone kept it a secret. Great job everyone. 

I didn't call and tell Bruce until the Friday before so that he could come 
and pick us up from the airport. 
We didn't want to tell him because I knew he wouldn't have been
 able to keep it from mom. 
He had a hard enough time with just knowing for a week.
Sorry Bruce but you know it's true. LOL

Thank you, Thank you. Thank you Pam S for doing all the work for the party. 
Mom is lucky to have you in her life. 

We got to stay for 3 full days. Mom and Bruce got to show us their new place 
and we got to see why they love it there. 
It was during the time I was on steroids so we did easy stuff. 
We got to check out the pool and hot tub mom loves, did a little walking, 
movie watching, playing cards and of course eating and had a few cocktails. 

If was a fun trip and we are so glad we were able to go and surprise mom. 
Can't wait to see them in July for Sami & Tino's wedding.