February 9, 2014

Xmas with Carrido's and Lutmans'

December 21, 2013 
This year Christmas was a little different. 
Sami had to work on Christmas eve and Christmas day,
so we split up our celebrations into 2 nights. 

Denny and I packed all our gifts up for them and headed to
Sami & Tino's house for the night. 
It was awesome to see how much my daughter takes after me as
 far as decorating for the holiday's. 

Sami's new puppy Boone, had to give us some love. 

 We got to enjoy our first Wiley-Carrido Christmas with Tino's family. 
They are so awesome. Denny and I love spending time with them. 
We are so happy to have them in our family.
Chris had his company Christmas party so he didn't get to join us. 

The roommates got in on the fun as well.

Thank you Sami and Tino for a wonderful night and the great gifts.
Love you both!!

December 2, 2013 
As we do every year, my sister and her family come and
spend the night Christmas eve.
We also do dinner, open new pj's from Santa and watch
"National Lampoons Christmas Vacation"
It is always a fun night.
Then we are usually up early on Christmas morning,
but this year Denny and I were the first ones up and we
 had to go wake everyone else up.
They LOVED us waking them up. LOL

As you can see the rest of the day was really exciting.
The best part was Denny's chicken fettuccine dinner.

It was a great holiday season. I do have to say I was really glad that they are over.
I felt like it came way too fast this year. I was going from one party to the next.
I was quit spent!!