February 9, 2014

Polar Express

Dec. 14, 2013

This was my 4th year doing the Polar Express and the 3rd family event. 
I look forward to this night all year.

Once again I go over board with my house and I like to
tell everyone that Santa throws-up at my house.

Every year my village gets bigger. 
Next year Tino and Denny are going to make it layered for me.

Brooke, Sami, Pam and I again volunteered.
We try every year to have a better elf costume then the year before. 
This year we loved them. 

I start bugging everyone in the family the end of August about this night,
I have to have a head count and everyone's money by October 1
when the tickets go on sale. The trains sell out fast.
 Our "Polar Express family" is getting better with friends hearing about how
much fun we have and wanting to join us.
I say the more the merrier.
I buy everyone's tickets at the same time to make sure that we
all got on and we are all together.
This year I bought 42 tickets.
That doesn't include any babies under 2.
I have a feeling that in a few more years we might take up the whole train car.

Some elf fun before the ride.

This is truly a magical night. 

I love the look on the kids faces on the train and when we get
 to the north pole and they see Santa. 
Then seeing their little faces when Santa get's on the train and
 rides back to the station with us.
It is amazing.

Another family Polar Express train ride in the books. 

After the train ride everyone came back to our house for a party. 
It was not only Polar Express night but Cash's birthday and 
Chloe's was 2 days after. 
Chloe LOVES Hello Kitty. 
Katie's friend Amanda has a Hello Kitty costume that we borrowed 
and guess who got to wear it? 
That's right ME. 
OMG it was fun seeing the pictures and how happy Chloe and the other
 kids were seeing me, but I hated wearing it. I couldn't see anything. 

Thanks once again to my family for letting me be a kid again and 
organizing this awesome family fun. 
What great memory's these nights make. 
Can't wait for next year. 
Love you all!!! 

I knew it would be awhile before all 5 of us were together again, so I had to get a family pic.